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My new myspace is at www.myspace.com/annie_rocks_it just leave me a message
I want to tell ________ that i love you. I have loved you since i saw you. i am really sorry that you dont know that i love you. One day i will come out to you, but not right now. Maybe in a couple years.
Share a letter you've written. Or, write a letter to someone you miss.

I know that I will be a police officer.

merry christmas

I just wanna wish eveybody a very merry christmas and have a safe holiday.love your only, annie

Writer's Block: Pickup Artist

What's the worst pickup line you've ever heard?
My WORST was "You must be tired cause you've been running in my mine all day"!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!  that is TOTALLY  STUPID!!


Mandy Moore Rox!!!!!!!

What do you think about Mandy Moore? Just leave me a comment about what you think

Where do you get inspiration for your arts and crafts?
 I get inspiration from my life, and all of my struggles i have been through. That is the best type of art you can create. My other inspiration is family tradition. I dont think it matters what the inspiration is, as long as you do your BEST on your art!


Click on the picture to see it better!       

Are you in love leave me a messege!! Tell me your story


if you know how to change my backround to one of my pics please leave me a message how to??? Thanx koolie

Today I am Bored!

Well, how are you guys doing??? just leave me a comment! I have to go teach summer school with my god parent and it is going OKAY! We teach kindergarden. but im just a helper.....well after all I am only 15.  Koolie